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Last Update: Fri Nov 30 01:06:15 JST 2001
Toshihiko ARAI <>

Name      : YOSHIMURA Hideaki (
Date      : 2000/05/24
Machine   : Panasonic Let's Note CF-L1A (CPU Mobile Celeron 400MHz, 
            HDD 6GB, RAM 192MB)
FreeBSD   : Can't boot from floppy disk, El torito CD-ROM required 
            (FreeBSD-current (22 Apr 2000 01:30))
APM BIOS  : OK (1.2)
PCIC      : Ricoh RL5C475
Cards     :
  - Allied Telesis LA100-PCM-T V2 (Fast Ethernet)
Misc Info :
  Can't use (USB-)FDD, displayed as follows:
    fdc0: direction bit not set
    fdc0: cmd 3 failed at out byte 1 of 3
    fdc0 not found at 0x3f0
  Can't use internal modem because It isn't detected. It seems a software modem.
  Can't use built-in audio. There is no driver.

Name      : Ken Seggerman (
Machine   : Toshiba Satellite 305CDS (CPU Pentium 486, HDD 1.51 GB 
            (1547 MB Windows95 PriDOS 496 MB FreeBSD, 16 MB ExDOS), 
            RAM 80 MB)
FreeBSD   : No problem, Installed from CD and re-installed from 
            PAO-boot.flp (Version number of FreeBSD)
Pccard Pkg: PAO-boot.flp for 2.2.5
APM BIOS  : No problem
PCIC      : Toshiba ToPIC97 CardBus Controller
NG-Cards  :
  - Copied "Xircom" "CreditCard Modem Ethernet" section from
     pccard.conf.sample, and altered product string to match 
     probed string "Xircom" "CreditCardModem CM-56T"
     but does not work. Error: pccard[41] no card on database... 
      Xircom CreditCard Modem CM-56
      I tried changing the card line in conf to match
      my modem, and tried it the original way.
      I left everything else alone. User PPP accessed the
      modem without complaint, there was no dial tone, the 
      lights on the modem cable dongle did not light up and
      User PPP reported: dial failed
Misc Info :
  I was very encouraged to see an entry in the
  pccard.conf.sample for a Xircom Modem, but could not get it to
  work. I am about to give up and get myself another modem for the
  laptop. Any advice would be welcome. 
  Thank you.

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Toshihiko ARAI <>