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Last Update: Fri Nov 30 01:06:15 JST 2001
Toshihiko ARAI <>

Name      : Yasuhide CANADA (
Date      : 2000/11/19
Machine   : FUJITSU FMV 5120 NA/W (CPU Pentium 120MHz, HDD 2GB, RAM 
FreeBSD   : OK (3.5.1-RELEASE)
Pccard Pkg: PAO3-20000710
APM BIOS  : OK (1.1)
PCIC      : Cirrus Logic PD6710
Cards     :
  - ELECOM Laneed LD-CDY
Misc Info :
  - XF86_SVGA of XFree86 3.3.6 worked at SVGA 8bit color.
  - HDD was exchanged to FUJITSU MHA2021AT.
  - HDD was not recognized by wd0 driver of FreeBSD 4.1-RELEASE.

Name      : Ikumi Keita
Date      : 2000/11/01
Machine   : DynaBook 2140 K45/2C8 (CPU AMD K6-2 (MMX) 450MHz, HDD 6GB, 
            RAM 64MB)
FreeBSD   : OK (3.5.1-RELEASE)
Pccard Pkg: PAO3-20000710
APM BIOS  : MAXMEM="(63*1024)" & BIOS CONFIG `Power-up Mode -> 
            Resume, Panel Power On/Off -> Enabled' required (1.2)
Cards     :
  - TDK Global Networker 3410
  	io      0x240-0x2e0 0x3e0-0x3ff
  	        ignirq 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 11 14 15
  	        memory  0xc0000 96k
  - 3Com EtherLink III 3C589D-COMBO

Name      : Tatsuya TANIKAWA (
Date      : 2000/10/23
Machine   : SONY VAIO NOTE PCG-767 (CPU Pentium/P55C 264MHz, HDD 
            11513MB / FUJITSU MHK2120AT, RAM 128MB)
FreeBSD   : OK (3.5.1-RELEASE)
Pccard Pkg: PAO3-20001021
APM BIOS  : OK (1.2)
PCIC      : Ricoh RL5C478 [CardBus bridge mode]
Cards     :
  - AIWA PV-JF144
  - Adaptec SlimSCSI APA-1460J
  - D-link DE-650 Ethernet Card
  - MELCO LPC2-T Ethernet Card
  - Microtech XpressDock
  	config  default "wdc2" any 0x20000
  	          cardio  0x340 0x10

Name      : NUMATA Toshinori (
Date      : 2000/10/13
Machine   : Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MC3/45 (CPU Mobile Celeron 450MHz, HDD 
            9GB, RAM 192MB)
FreeBSD   : OK (3.5.1-RELEASE)
Pccard Pkg: PAO-20000710
APM BIOS  : NG (1.2)
PCIC      :
  Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Controller
  [Intel 82365DF compatible mode]
Cards     :
  - ELECOM Laneed LD-10/100CD (Fast Ethernet Card)
  - PIONEER PCP-PR24W (CD-ROM Drive with SCSI-2 Interface Card)
  - IO DATA MOF-1300/CBSC (MO Disk Drive with SCSI-2 Interface Card)
  	The following lines are added to /etc/pccard.conf:
  		# IO DATA CBSC-II (16-bit mode)
  		card "IO DATA" "CBSC16" "1"
  			config auto "nsp0" any #default
  			insert logger -s "CBSC16 inserted"
  			remove logger -s "CBSC16 removed"
Misc Info :
  The display controller chip is Trident Cyber 9525 DVD, which requires
  XFree86 4.0 to run X Window System.  I've installed XFree86-Server-4.0
  and XFree86-clients-4.0 packages from BSDi 3.5.1-RELEASE CD-ROM set,
  and configured with HorizSync of 31.5-37.9 MHz and VertRefresh of
  50-70 Hz.
  Laneed LD-10/100CD only runs in 10BaseT mode even with 100BaseTX hub,
  as others report.
  The SCSI PC-Card used by PIONEER PCP-PR24W CD-ROM Drive seems to be
  an OEM of IO DATA PCSC-F (its device driver for Windows is named as
  "PCSC-F UltraSMIT PCMCIA SCSI Card for DOS/V"), which can be handled by
  "nsp" device driver.
  The SCSI PC-Card accompanied with MOF-1300/CBSC is CBSC-II.  It has two
  operating modes: CardBus mode and 16-bit mode.  There is a switch on the
  side of the card to select the mode, and it must be set to 16-bit mode
  for use in FreeBSD.
  The built-in modem is a WinModem, and will not work.

Name      : Yoichi ASAI (
Date      : 2000/09/03
Machine   : IBM ThinkPad i Series 1124 (formerly called "ThinkPad 
            240") (CPU Mobile Celeron 450MHz, HDD 12GB, RAM 192MB)
FreeBSD   : OK (3.5.1-RELEASE)
Pccard Pkg: PAO3-20000710
APM BIOS  : OK (1.2)
PCIC      : Intel 82365DF
Cards     :
  - corega EtherII PCC-T
  - Allied Telesis CentreCOM LA-PCM V2
Misc Info :
  PCIC Intel 82365DF does not work with FreeBSD 4.1-RELEASE.
  XFree86 3.3.6 works with XF86_SVGA server, config "SMI LynxEM+ (generic)".
  Sound chip "Crystal CS4281" works with 4front-tech's OSS driver.
  Internal modem does not work, for it is a "Winmodem".

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Toshihiko ARAI <>