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FreeBSD(98) which runs on NEC PC-9801/9821 (pc98) architectures is a port of FreeBSD originally developped on PC-AT. It is aimed to make FreeBSD(98) work as same as FreeBSD. The kernel source is now included in FreeBSD source tree and most of userland commands built from FreeBSD sources work fine. However, some kernel features and userland commands, which depend on hardware or architecture of pc98, need more hack. Some are done but some are not included in FreeBSD.

One of the objectives of FreeBSD(98) is that it is released at the same time when FreeBSD is released, i.e. FreeBSD(98) should be a part of FreeBSD as FreeBSD-alpha is.

Release status

The latest released version is FreeBSD(98) 4.10R-Rev01. Please read the documents to know about how to get and install FreeBSD(98).

Mailing lists for FreeBSD(98)

Some mailing lists are available for FreeBSD(98). Anybody can post an article to the lists but archives are usually not open. We are waiting for your participation.

Documents of FreeBSD(98)

The documents here are HTMLized from the text files included in FreeBSD(98) 4.10R-Rev01. A mailing list,, is available to discuss about and improve the documents (including this page).

Links related to FreeBSD(98)
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