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PC Card (PCMCIA), APM, etc....

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Last Update: $Date: 2002/03/10 08:21:36 $
FreeBSD-mobile Mailing List (English) <freebsd-mobile@FreeBSD.ORG>
and BSD-nomads Mailing List (Japanese) <>.

Final information

The PAO project was completed. 3.5.1-RELEASE version is the last release by PAO project. The major features of PAO was integrated already into 5-current and 4-stable. Please read FreeBSD Inc. about the latest information. Thanks.

The history about "PAO"

It enables FreeBSD to drive many PCMCIA (PC Card) cards (Ethernet, Wireless LAN, FAX/Modem, ISDN, Digital Cellular, SCSI, Flash ATA, ATA HDD, ATAPI CD-ROM) and provides you PC Card "hotplug" on your laptop machines running FreeBSD. It also contains some improvements and bug fixes for APM BIOS driver.

"PAO" is formerly called "pccard-test". I renamed it because it's not only a package for PC Card now.

"PAO" is based on Andrew McRae's work for PC Cards on FreeBSD, and currently developed and managed by the members of BSD-nomads Mailing List (Japan). If in doubt, please contact the FreeBSD-mobile Mailing List (English) <freebsd-mobile@FreeBSD.ORG> and BSD-nomads Mailing List (Japanese) <>.

PAO Frequently Asked Question

Attention: The following information is stale already.

Supported Cards

The collection of information that PC cards in PAO worked was finished. Update work is not done currently.

Final version of installation floppy

CVSupping PAO Sources

The latest PAO code can be get from CVSup server. Please access or with CVSup. Please edit example supfile in /usr/share/example/cvsup and set the following parameteres.

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