Call for Testers

We, newconfig project, are porting the new device driver configuration system used in NetBSD and BSD/OS. Our work is based on FreeBSD-current.

It is nowhere near finished, but is working to some extent. We decided to publish a patch to 3.0-RELEASE and call for testers and developers, especially people who can port device drivers. And now, the patch is based on 4.0-current.

You can find the patch at . ex. nc30_981026.diff.gz

Any comments and questions on this patch should be addressed to:

Newconfig testers and device driver developers are requested to subscribe to one of the mailing lists. (Subscribers of newconfig-jp will also receive mails on the newconfig mailing list.)

To subscribe to newconfig mailing list, please send an E-mail to including the line,

in the body part.

Information about newconfig project can be found at:

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